Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jan. 17, 2012: Romania Now

Today’s post is messages I’ve been receiving from the protests in Romania:

Jan 16: Everyone entering a main square in every Romanian town has to show an ID to the police (which had surrounded that square). They note anyone in order to give them fines( which are half a monthly medium pay) so people are somehow discouraged to go to meetings; the meetings are spontaneous as ordinary people are just trying to cry their bitterness against the hardest measures ever taken in EU (in Greece, the medium wage is 4-5 times higher than In Romania but its government did not cut it at all whereas our government did cut it by 25%). My point is the Greeks were manifesting the entire 2011 for a lot less trouble than our trouble here).
Because the meetings are not organized and have no official approval, they are considered illegal and all the participants are fined; this way, the poorest people cannot go as they have no money.....

Jan. 15: Since Friday, we live another Revolution, with demonstrations in every main town and with street fighting in Bucarest! The ruling party being of extreme right, we expect the worst consequences. Until now, no state authority had anything to say, which is extremely curios. Everywhere else, Greece or Hungary, in similar situation, the prime minister appeared to try some conciliation......but here, nothing....scary....
I am wordless as right now we see live on TV that a young man (just passing by, not a participant) was beaten by police as he tried to escape the poisoned gases. His leg has been cut off!